Creative solutions are my specialty!

My name is Kay Lum and I love to be creative!
Looking for an experienced graphic artist/designer?
Need to make your project come to life?
I am the one for you!

After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Visual Communications from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, I moved to Madison and gained over 15 years of ad agency and magazine publishing experience. In 2006 I was very ready and excited to start my own business!

The best way to see what I LOVE to do is right in front of you!
Get yourself a nice big latté (or beverage of choice), settle in and take a stroll through the pages of my website (which I also created).

Touring my site, you will probably figure out that I love bicycling and cross-country skiing and just being active and involved in events! I do everything from illustrating children's books, to designing logos, marketing materials, bicycle jerseys, web sites and everything in between. Whatever it might be, I put my heart and soul into it, and am always looking for new avenues for my creative energy!

What I can do for you?

Need a logo? An Illustration? Poster? Business Cards? Website? Want to make your event or business have that certain look? Need help with layout and design of a book, magazine or brochure? Have an idea but don't know what to do next? Contact me, let's yak!

Why is there a Yak on my site?

Roll over him to find out!

If you are looking for my
wild tights and other sewn clothing, please GO HERE.